Thursday, March 13, 2008

Video Coverage of the Rally in Front of C.S.H.

The following video clips were recorded Sunday, March 3, 2008, at the rally held jointly by "Friends & Family of California Civil Detainees" and "Reform of Sex Offender Laws" in front of Coalinga State Hospital in Coalinga, California.

The demonstration was held to protest the laws which punish sex offenders twice for the same crime by holding them as "Civil Detainees" in this purpose-built modern gulag in the hinterlands of California as well as the conditions of their confinement.

Our next protest will occur at the Statehouse in Sacramento sometime this summer. We need your help and your presence to make our voices heard! Please contact us at: to learn more.

The videos include:
  • Tom Madison Keynote Speech
  • Paul Shannon Speaks To Civil Detainees & Their Supporters from Boston
  • Jammye Stallworth, Wife Of A Civil Detainees
  • "Starchild", Libertarian and Human Rights activist, discusses the urgent need for building coalitions amongst civil libertarians and the disenfranchised to combat oppressive government before it is too late.
  • Jeff Griffin of the "Citizens Committee on Human Rights" examines the motivations behind government, the mental health community, and the pharmaceuticals industry in promulgating public terror, pseudo-diagnostics and mechanisms for the destruction of liberty.
  • Tom Madison: Update on the Detainee rally going on INSIDE Coalinga State Hospital
Brief Interview: "Lt. Wilson Explains Why Visiting Is Shut Down" for four days which coincided with the rally

Speeches by Detainees for the Demonstration outside of C.S.H. :
  • A word of thanks to our supporters!
  • LANCE PURCELL: Crime & Punishment or Mental Illness & Treatment
  • Mike St. Martin Speaks by Telephone to the Demonstrators
  • DETAINEE ANTHONY CARLIN: The New "Disappeared"
  • DETAINEE “Y”.: Challenging Professional Integrity of "Therapists" in C.S.H.
  • DETAINEE LANCE PURCELL: Diagnosing a Deeply Disordered Department
  • DETAINEE LANCE PURCELL: C.S.H. Cannot Trust Its Own Best Efforts
  • DETAINEE ANTHONY CARLIN: No Viable Exit Program
  • Detainee “X”: Deaths in C.S.H.
  • Detainee “X”: David Smith
  • Detainee “X”: C.S.H. Fact Sheet

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