Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Employee of C.S.H. Voices Frustration

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Default Re: Anyone Start at Coalinga State Hospital May 4th?
COALINGA STATE HOSPITAL is the most ________ up place to work at...excuse my language....I'm soooo upset..I work on a RRU and my psych tech supervisor (i didnt mind they were in charge but after their non medical thinking I'm angry!!!) told me the old nurse i work with didnt have to help me do sick call, she didnt have to float, and i had to do 50 monthly summaries while the other nurse was on leave....all that other nurse has to do is the 50 WRP's!!!...but anyways...my US straight up told me, the people in administration...does not really care about the patients medical problems and all they care about is their enhancement plan!! and that sick call is not that important...i realize we are working with SVP's, population full or rapists and child molesters but I'M NOT THEIR JUDGE
, I'M A NURSE!!! I truly believe in giving equal care to everybody, maybe if me or my family were victims i'd think different but it's inhumane for EVERYONE to treat them all like garbage!!!.....if i didnt need this job for my daughter i'd get the hecc outta here!!!!!!!! My supervisor said only I can float to another unit, the other nurse doesnt have to!!! because of this paperwork....and that if i float, i have to come back to our own unit and do sick call....what if their is an emergency on the other unit and they ask where their nurse is, I'm suppose to be floating not covering!! theres a difference....from what I know all us RN's signed the same duty statement.....my program even had an RN meeting on teamwork, RN's do all roles sick call/monthlys/wrp's etc etc....if my unit is exempt I want that in writing....so I won't be in trouble for them saying....it was all this RN's fault cuz she's the only one who can do medical care and the other nurse only has paperwork...thats BS!!! I'm new to the state and everyone knows everyone there and you can't get any help unless you know people......I just dont know what to do....I have to keep this job for my daughter!! (I drive every week from the bay area live out here when i work and go back home to my daughter, fam and friends)... but at the same time, I know when I go higher in the chain of command nothing will get solved...it's mostly psych techs and people that are all buddies....I already knew nothing was gonna happen when i talked to my supervisor today....but I still tried....i want everyone who is thinking about working here to think twice, three times, four times etc!! if you are new to the state they treat you like a dog!! if your a new RN, they'll treat you like a dog....I'm grateful I have a job since it's scarce out there, i'm really venting because I'm gonna do my job which is to help provide medical care!!! it's my own license on the line, I can only do so much, i'll work hard and get the satisfaction from me being a good person, which is not being lazy or cruel!! that i'm doing what a RN is suppose to do ...I didnt want to start drama or a war on my unit, it's not like that, I've done what they asked me to do...all I'm asking is for help and I can't even get that from my supervisor or the other RN.....coalinga state hospital is a bunch of no good politics, it's not a hospital at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:down :