Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mike St. Martin Loses Bid For Release From California's Gulag

Mike St. Martin lost his "civil" commitment case this past week in San Diego county. He is now a "lifetime" commitment to California's Department of Mental Health, Coalinga State Hospital (the "Gulag") .

The San Diego County Prosecutor managed to convince the jury that St. Martin poses a continued risk to California's children and should be locked-up for life as a "Sexually Violent Predator". It is worth noting that the word "violent" in this case does not mean "violent" in the sense that most intelligent and informed people would use the term. Instead, "sexual violence" has been redefined by the State of California and most other states as a means of branding individuals who have had sexual contact of one kind or another with someone under the age of fourteen, regardless if force, coercion, or actual violence were employed in this sexual contact. And, of course, it serves to inflame the public who, after all, can hardly be blamed for not wanting "sexually violent predators" loosed on society.

Mike is preparing a piece recounting this most recent outrage in this ongoing travesty and we will post it here as soon as it is available.

Worth noting, however, is the apparent outrage expressed by the State at Mike's vocal advocacy of his and other Detainee's rights and his audacity to describe in detail the circumstances of their continued imprisonment and cynical mistreatment by the State of California. That Mike St. Martin will describe in detail the myriad legal and constitutional violations perpetrated by the State, communicating these to civil liberties advocates on the outside who then reprint his statements on this and other blogs, seemed to bother them, and Channel 10 of San Diego, the most.

The news report is available here and, were it not with such terrible consequences, would be laughable for its complete lack of any journalistic standards. The "victim's advocate" interviewed as part of this piece gets the final word, suggesting that by his participation in disseminating the truth about Coalinga, St. Martin is "re-victimizing" his victims and "drowning-out" competing voices! This absurd position can only be interpreted as code for: "he shouldn't be allowed to speak to the public".

Victim's Advocate Says Sex Offender's Blog Posts Hurts Victims